What MediaWiki extensions should we enable?



Our wiki is now live but still needs a lot of configuration. I must say I’m no expert myself but what MediaWiki extensions should we enable?

Is there any essential usability tweaks we can do? Interested to hear what people think.



There are some concerns about copy markdown from this forum onto the wiki and back. This will create a lot of extra work for us when transferring people’s stories from the forum onto the wiki. I’m currently researching how this workflow is best setup.

MediaWiki to Wordpress

This Wordpress plugin can embed information from the wiki onto our site. As usual there’s a few competing products also.

This plugin allows of “tool tips” of MediaWiki content but is probably unnecessary:

MediaWiki to Discourse

This plugin can convert wiki pages to markdown which can be pasted in a forum post.

Discourse to MediaWiki

When you copy and paste from the edit page of a Discourse post, it does copy the markdown formatting with it which means we can just convert to html using a text editor that supports that…

So what are people’s favourite markdown editors then? :wink:


What You See Is What You Get editor for MediaWiki


This is the plugin used by Wikipedia for visual editing.


Looks great. I wonder how Wikipedia implement their mobile theme? Is that another extension?


Well, what do you know.



Discussion about languages here: Languages on our platform / idiomas en nuestra plataforma

Includes an extension called Languages.


Here’s the recommended mapping extension:

It’s used in various wikis e.g.


Here’s where we’re up to…

###Installed (non-default) Extensions

###To Do

###Possibles Additions

Other Documentation


What mapping software should we use?
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