Platform development progress and feedback!


We choose YouTube as API access is free (Vimeo is $14/month).


Edit: Users can submit videos by just entering the link to the video. e.g. “” (Note to self: basically an embed from “”)


Gaining some real traction and heading towards the deadline now. I actually need this done for Thursday as I’m not going to have much time after no pressure :sweat_smile:.


I’m on call if you need to talk about anything!


Thanks, it’s just stressful . I know what I need to do but many things in lots of places at once :sweat_smile:


That may be a good idea as soon as you’re around


This is a partially complete but working detail page for the platform. This is currently deployed over at but can’t create a case study on there because of a weird bug with the moderation system I haven’t fixed yet.


Feature: Flatpages have been deployed. This allows you to create custom pages that will appear in the navigation bar at the top. Nothing fancy, no WYSIWYG editor but will allow paragraphs of text and so on so it’s ideal for a basic about page etc. Let me know your thoughts.


Bug fixes: Account related pages are coming together e.g. password reset, reset confirmation, and so on. Also fixed SMTP related bug causing emails not to be sent.


Bug fixes: Fixed ‘next’ page redirect after logging in when visiting a restricted page.


Rendering electricity generators or the electricity grid as a background map option:


Livvy is hoping to commit some code today so we can do some more translation on Weblate at :slight_smile:


More translations on Weblate now. :sweat_smile:


[Spanish below]


YES! I love the Weblate game - it’s actually genuinely fun.

So the current status is as appears in this screenshot:

Also a lot of the Spanish ones need checking (probably worth @ximena.montano @jazmin @ivet @rosa.marina @sergio.oceransky one of you checking through all of the translations to check there are no absolute ‘clangers’ - really embarrassing ones). Additionally, the text is in the ‘Source’ language from the code; when the client (user) requests the page from server they will receive it (it will show) in ‘en-gb’ (English) by default, or es (Spanish) or fr (French) if their browser is using one of those languages. This means we can make translations between the ‘Source’ and the ‘en-gb’ which may slightly change the meaning as long as that is what we want to do.

In any case, if you want to translate something in the platform, you need an account at (you could use the same username and password as you use for this forum if you want)


¡SÍÍ! Mi gusta el ‘juego’ de Weblate - es divertido (prometo!)

Pués, el estado de las traducciones es como en ese screenshot:

También, muchas de las traducciones españoles necesita una checa (es problamente vale la pena que @ximena.montano @jazmin @ivet @rosa.marina @sergio.oceransky alguien de ustedes checa atravéz todas las traducciones a checar que no hay algunas que sean embarazosas. En adición, el texto es en la lengua ‘Source’ [inglés en el código de la plataforma]; cuándo el cliente (usuarix) requesta a la página del servidor, la recibirén (la estará visible) en ‘en-gb’ (inglés) por omisión, o ‘es’ (español) o ‘fr’ (francés) si su navegador es en una de estes lenguajes. Esto significa que podemos hacer traducciones entre el código del ‘Source’ y la traducción de ‘en-gb’; puede cambiar el sentido un poco si queremos hacer este cambio de significado.

De todos modos si quieren traducir algo en la plataforma necesitan crear cuentas en (puede usar el mismo usuario y la misma contraseña que tiene en este foro si quiere).

Languages on our platform / idiomas en nuestra plataforma

@livvy and @tom. I Beta tested the short case study for today, entering a case study about Fosen Vind. (@livvy can you approve that through moderation? would be great to have it on the platform!)

The following gremlins and general comments came up, which I thought I’d raise so we have a record of them and can take action:

  • For the Location field we need an option for ‘mixed’
  • For the Type of Ecosystem field we need to be able to select multiple options.
  • As well as the Affects Indigenous Peoples check box, we need a field for ‘Affected peoples include’ or something like that to share details of the people affected if not indigenous (e.g. non-indigenous peasant farmers, herders, fishers, city-dwellers etc)
  • The Media Link field has a character limit which only allows a certain number of links to be submitted, this should be a bit more generous, or unlimited.
  • The Independent Community Reports and Youtube fields should not be compulsory.
  • It would be good to be able to upload multiple images, rather than just one.
  • It would be good to have an author name & contact details field so we can get those for further communication.
  • When the person entering the case hits submit it would be good for them to get a pop up message saying sent for moderation or something, rather than just seeing the case study submission form again, as it isn’t clear the case has sent.
    -Would it be possible to have a save function in case people can’t enter their case all at once. Even with the short form it’s a lengthy process.

That seems a long list (or maybe it doesn’t… I haven’t beta tested before!) but I just wanted to say congrats Livvy because the process of entering the info was intuitive and simple and the design lacks distraction, which I found helpful.

Happy to chat any of this through.



Hi @livvy @tom

I know you’re busy, so excuse this coming in the middle of the day.

I just wanted to follow up on Tom’s question about whether we can move a case I recently uploaded (it’s called FosenVind) through the moderation process?

I submitted the case last week, but it still hasn’t appeared on the map. Can that be fixed?

I have another I should be ready to post at the end of this week, so it’d be ace to understand how we can take control of the moderation process as the ojuso team to keep cases coming in.

I also can’t see any cases on the map apart from the ‘Acme’ ones… are others going up soon?




Hi @livvy @tom Any news on moderation of that case study and if it can be uploaded? I now have another ready to go…