Platform development progress and feedback!


We didn’t have a conversation about CiviCRM. That is a to-do but we haven’t actually defined that particularly well. Keeping track of Alliance / Advisory Board membership and discussions, and partnerships and conversations we’re having.

@livvy @admin - I’ve seen that you can’t have CiviCRM on top of PostgreSQL, seems to just be MySQL. The Yansa website’s CiviCRM install is deployed with WordPress on MySQL (I guess). Obviously we’re quite far down the line with PostgreSQL/PostGIS due to the spatial functionality we want and can’t really go back! Hmmm… we’ll need to have a think about this.


¡Hola a todxs! Hablé con Livvy ahorita y nos decidimos que estaría muy bien de tener unos dias de trabajo intensivo sobre el plataforma online de ojuso durante septiembre. Para decidir cuál jueves y viernes estaría, he hecho un ‘Doodle poll’ - ¡VOTÁ AQUÍ POR FAVOR!
Encontramos en Birmingham (Inglaterra), horario UTC+1.

Hi Everyone! I spoke with Livvy now y we decided that it would be very useful and fun to have a couple of days of intensive work/discussion/development of the ojuso online platform during September. To decide which Thursday and Friday it would be, I have made a Doodle poll - VOTE HERE PLEASE!
We will meet in Birmingham but participation will also happen through Jitsi Meet:

cc @jazmin @ivet :slight_smile:


“Round 1” (partially-complete) mock-up of the case study detail page. Colours and margins are disgusting but this is more to get a feel and get some feedback on the grouping of submitted information from the form.

I feel like the top “hero” element is almost there. Maybe a couple of action buttons near “Get Involved” will be added for things like editing and or “subscribing” to updates or other future functionality.


PS: Although this is a “mockup”, it’s actually HTML and CSS so the actual coding has been done.

Also please ignore the fact that the mockup is in english. Don’t try to translate it as the translations will likely be discarded when elements change =)


Hey @livvy

Great start! I like the ‘Hero’ Element. Do you feel like the ‘Get Involved’ would lead to the Discourse forum topic for this particular case? I like the coloured tags that we could see will enable quick identification of similar/comparative cases. I guess it might be good to have an image gallery above the Full Description or above the Footer.

In terms of colour schemes, maybe we could develop some muted colours from the bright logo? I’ll have a think about this now. I guess we will see how we’re showing the logo as describing many stories of the renewable energy economy etc. and so the colours will maybe define the different areas of supply chains, or positive vs. negative, or something else.

Here’s a Vimeo account: - will give you and @admin the details.



Mobile view (definitely incomplete). Breakpoints need work. (Responsive Layout).


Hi everyone,

We’re going to be meeting on Thursday and Friday: 2017-09-21 and 2017-09-22 --> to the diary!



I think having a primary colour pallete will certainly be of great help for the brand / visual identity. Possibly picking main colours from the logo then picking analogues based on colour theory from them.


I’m not sure how many colours we would like. I’ve got some different options using different methods! I noticed whilst I was doing this that we have two different shades of yellow/ocre in our logo! Oops.

The primary colours I have (I used Gpick) are:

  • #6DC067
  • #DD5942
  • #F8D758
  • #008DD0

Here’s an apparently analogous colour based on the colours in the ojuso logo:

  • #959C6C
  1. Using all four colours with one analogous between the yellow and red hues:

  2. Using the blue, yellow and green colours:

  3. Using the green, red and yellow colours:

In Gpick it creates 5 colours which are analogous to a single colour you input. Like this:
4. Based on the green:

5. Based on the red:

6. Based on the yellow:

7. Based on the blue:

Let me know what you think about any of these things!

I’ve had quite positive reactions to swatches 3 and 6.


Sorry for the long delay everyone. I have been working some logistics for my relocation to Manchester including finding somewhere to live and applying for jobs etc.

Work has resumed. I’m currently implementing the simple form as well as merging the detail-page templates into the project. Thank you for the colour schemes @tom - they’re really awesome. I will likely play around with a few, deploy to the current testing instance ( and get some feedback. I feel like I should prioritize getting the business logic complete but having some idea of colour does aid the front end design.

Frequency of updates should be more frequent going forward.


Will likely have some updates to the translation platform with many strings that may need translating. I will post here and send and email out when this happens. Or possible enable email notifications so those who are on the “translation team” will get notified when there are things to translate.


Hi @livvy !

I actually caught a glimpse of the simple form as a second marker appeared in Mexico! I don’t think I fed back because I was not actually at work. LOL. Thanks for getting on with that. I’ve asked @hal @ivet and @jazmin amongst others to define when their case studies will be ready. Would they be able to add the simple form parts of their case studies in to the map right now?

In terms of colours, I think go with one group of colours maybe? Either 3 or 6? And really focus on data model and ‘business logic’.

Translation: Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to get on to doing the translation slugs through - we’ve got another person who I think is up for translating the brochure and these strings/slugs into French which me and @sergio.oceransky think would be important for Francophone Africa etc.




I’m just thinking it would be good for us to construct an agenda, or at least some things we definitely want to talk about, for next Thursday and Friday’s hackdays/meetup/discussions.

Times are the same on both Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd:

  • 6am-2pm Mex. (CDT) | 12pm-8pm UK (BST) | 11am-7pm UTC

@livvy @admin @hal and I will be there. So will our new volunteer Milie, who is an automation engineer by training, and speaks German (1st), French and English. Obviously with the situation in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec following last week’s earthquake, @sergio.oceransky @ximena.montano @rosa.marina and others around there are very busy. @jazmin and @ivet will hopefully be able to tell us about the their cases studies of solar and wind power in Mexico, and @hal with his various case studies he’s trying to work on with Yes To Life, No To Mining (Y2LN2M). I’m not sure whether Abdikadir (from Lake Turkana) will be able to make it in person, as he’s only just moving in to York for the academic year.

More info to follow.

If you have anything you’d like discussed, please do say!


Estoy pensando que estaría bueno para nosotros de construir un agenda, o al menos algunas cosas que nosotrxs queremos hablar sobre, definitivamente, para las discusiones/hackdays la proxima jueves/viernes.

Los tiempos son iguales en los dos dias (jueves 21 y viernes 22):

  • 6am-2pm Mex. (CDT) | 12pm-8pm R.U. (BST) | 11am-7pm UTC

@livvy @admin @hal and I will be there. También nuestro voluntaria nueva se llama Milie (Emilie), quien es ingeniera de automizaciónpor entrenamiento; ella habla aleman (primero), francés y inglés. Obviamente, con la situación en el Istmo de Tehuantepec siguendo el terremoto, @sergio.oceransky @ximena.montano @rosa.marina y otrxs circa de acá están muy ocupados. @jazmin y @ivet pueden decir algo sobre sus casos en México (Yucatán y otras partes) sobre energias solares y del viento, y @hal puede iluminar nosotrxs sobre los casos en que está trabajando con la red mundial se llama Yes To Life, No To Mining (Y2LN2M). No estoy seguro si Abdikadir (de Lago Turkana) puede participar en person (puede ser por Jitsi/Skype), porque ahorita el está moveando a York (Inglaterra) ahora para el año academico.

Más info de seguir.

Si tienen algo que quieren sugerir, por favor sugerirlo!


Regarding, do we have any update on this @livvy? I think the team would be me, @jazmin, @ivet on en/es, and @emilie.heidtmann on en/fr.


ojuso Hackdays September 2017 agenda.docx (6.1 KB)

Feedback please! If this is totally not what people feel like doing, let’s change it up!

#Agenda for ojuso Hackdays

498-500 Moseley Road
Balsall Heath
B12 9AH

####Via Jitsi (VoIP, like Skype):

Thursday 21st September

12pm: Intro and houskeeping (Tom to describe a story so far of the project, some of the challenges we’ve faced - and what we’ve achieved so far too) – about Yansa and Gaia too
12.15pm: Introducing ourselves – trying to work out what we are each aiming to do within the project, how it fits into our lives and why we wanna be involved in it.
12.50pm: [Break]
1pm: Reviewing how we’ve been doing – starting with a quick feedback session and then other members of the project giving feedback if possible, asking questions etc.:
1.10pm: Feedback from Tom
1.30pm: Feedback from Leo/Livvy
2.30pm: Feedback from Hal
2.50pm: Feedback from Abdikadir (hasn’t been involved a lot so far
3.00pm: [Break for lunch]
4.00pm: Feedback from Jazmín/Ivet (4pm = 10am in Mexico)
4.30pm: Feedback from Ximena/Marina (otherwise Sergio can do it)
4.50pm: Feedback from Sergio
5.10pm: Structure
ojuso structure
(a) Alliance(-building)
(a)(i) Role
(a)(ii) Composition so far
(a)(iii) Statement for signatories
(b) ojuso Advisory Board
(b)(i) Role
(b)(ii) Composition so far
(b)(iii) Creating monthly online meetings
© ojuso Team (introduce Millie who will aim to arrive at this point)
©(i) Role
©(ii) Composition so far
©(iii) Co-management and relationship with other organs
(d) Create an organogram of the structure
(e) Defining ‘energy as a commons’ - some work done here:
7.00pm: Funding model
8.00pm: [Dinner booked at Saba across the road]

Friday 22nd September

12.00pm: HACK! Livvy and Leo introduce the different components of the platform
12.30pm: Data entry form feedback (walkthrough, usability)
2.00pm: Language work – translation using Weblate at
3.00pm: Linking in to a forum? Structure of the forum
3.30pm: [Break for lunch]
4.30pm: Data ownership
5.00pm: Privacy guidelines
5.20pm: Security of users
5.30pm: Colour scheme
5.40pm: Co-creating a timeline for the next few months:

  1. Case study generation
    1(a) Case study data ownership
    1(b) Guidelines for case study development for new users
  2. ojuso platform development
    2(a) Languages
    2(b) Data entry
    2© Security
    2(d) Legal policies
    2(e) Forum
    2(f) Privacy
  3. Bonn (2-17 Nov)
    3(a) Why Bonn?
    3(b) What do we want to do there?
    3© Who’s we?
  4. ojuso ‘Yearbook’
  5. 2018 funding and planning
    6.30pm: FINISH!
    [7.00pm: Free Ceephax Acid Crew set at BMAG]


I’ll get some code merged in ASAP so there are things to translate. Probably a few dozen strings. I’ll also add french to the languages. Not sure about regional languages - let me know what you need.

Sorry about the delays. (Solo-band and all.)



Thanks very much for the agenda Tom.

All looks good to me (if very ambitious ;)). I am especially looking forward to hearing about how the platform will work in practice from Livvy and Leo. It will be great to meet everyone.

One element (which is covered to an extent in different areas of your agenda) that we may want to draw specific attention to is communications. This will gain greater and greater importance as the project matures and (hopefully) gains capacity. I think there are simple mechanisms we could discuss (what comms do we do when a new case study is uploaded? via what platforms? etc) and also a bigger storytelling element. We could look at some interesting comms partners and strategies for telling that story.

If there is room for the beginning of that conversation to happen over the two days, that’d be good.

A few notes from me re timings:

  • I have another meeting at 11am on Thursday (in Kings Heath), but will be with you all asap. 12:30 latest.
  • I won’t be able to join for the evening festivities on either day (busy on Thurs and heading home to Wiltshire on Fri)

See you all on Thursday


###Timeline: from here to the COP23 (November)

Case studies:

  • We are looking at the UI/UX for the case studies which @livvy has been putting together;
  • ‘Get Involved’ button could be ‘sign up for the newsletter’ [about the project]
  • Filling out the simple form and then one could always have the choice to complete the ‘comprehensive’ sections of the form.
  • Factbar looking like a good idea (like a wiki top-right box)
  • Storytelling defined by the person giving the data.
    There could be a number of ways to action people: 'get involved´, ‘sign up to newsletter’, ‘submit a new case’, ‘edit this case’… we should also show widgets for Facebook/Twitter etc.,
    Communicating the issue of personal safety/security; could this affect you or your community?;

Future planning: Heavy management of relationships between people wo submit case studies and then going forward we would want to refer specific cases to specific contacts within the Alliance.

Zoom in and click as precisely as possible.

Are you an individual or acting as part of an organisation? If so, which one? This will be kept confidential.

AP @livvy and @admin check all titles are specific and not ambiguous. We could do this as testing.

‘Does this project affect indigenous peoples?’

We have agreed to get the form for case study entry ready for the third week in October. This means @jazmin, @ivet, @hal and others (@ximena.montano, @rosa.marina, etc.) can input the case studies they’ve been working on in a way they can understand.


Pins/markers usinf fontawesome or other categorisation by images anbd colours of different types of cases (maybe red = bad, green = good).


Watching any videos uploaded to ensure no defamatory content.