Languages on our platform / idiomas en nuestra plataforma



In our project proposal, we named English, Spanish and French as languages we wanted to produce the primer in. How do we develop this?



I’ve developed a tagging system to tag languages on this forum:

What MediaWiki extensions should we enable?

I did just plan on creating a topic about translation and languages but didn’t realize this already exists! :smile:

I will add updates relating to language and translation specifically here as well as things like instructions and guides on how to use the Weblate system over at

Where we are now
Currently, the platform has two locales: en-gb (British English) and es (Español). Anyone can contribute to the translations (even if you’re not 100% sure you can make a “suggestion”) so go ahead and dig in. I know @Tom mentioned about adding addition locales for local languages (ISO639-1) so if you wish to add a locale, just comment here and I can add it to the project as it requires a very small edit in the codebase. Then you can simply make the translations.

Accessing the translated versions of the platform
The translated versions of the platform can be accessed as follows: ""
E.g British English (or en_GB) will be and Español (es) will be

There isn’t a method of switching languages however this will be added in due course alongside the navigation bar updates for sign-in, account creation and navigation to different pages.

Any help regarding making translations
If you need any help regarding translations, just contact @Livvy or @admin either on this thread, via email or via Signal.


The URL for this is now (Weblate)


We are aiming to focus on English, Spanish and French for now.


@livvy to create a quick webcast of the Weblate site.


Weblate is down right now but should be up soon. I think people concentrating on developing content for case studies is the point to concentrate in terms of translation right now.


Back up now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sorry for the broken mess and delay in fixing it - were marooned at my mum’s without a laptop for the past few days. :frowning: Have my machine now though so full steam ahead :bullettrain_front:


@tom @millie Merged current French translations in: . Will have the new frontend templates merged in with language switcher soon but should hopefully default to your operating system language if you go to although I haven’t tested that as mine is English. :smile:


There’s a ton of stuff on Weblate in all languages to be translated! Way too much probably (around 300 words/phrases). That’s only the short form and UI too. There is also the long form D:


I’ll try to make the additions of new words smaller but more frequent from now on @tom @millie . Sorry :tired_face:


Nice one - I’d say generally don’t worry about putting expectations on each other even if we haven’t worked a lot together in the past. Now we are and we’re communicating and we’ll try our best to get stuff done. :smile: but also :tired_face: !


Slight hickup with Weblate (error on my part for not isolating Weblate database data from Platform database data well enough). Bad news: Weblate data has gone bye bye. Good news: Translations are fine - you just need to create a new account to carry on translating stuff.

I think tiredness and also time constraints are causing me to mess up recently. It’s not good! I probably shouldn’t be making excuses either.

@tom @millie - Sorry if this fuck-up happened half way though translating. I’m really sorry :flushed:


I haven’t been translating on Weblate this weekend - I think Millie had been before but is mostly doing the translation of the form on the google doc which contains the comprehensive form.


a quick post suggesting people try to translate is here: Platform development progress and feedback!