Form to input new cases




I had highlighted the whole Gantt chart accidentally - maybe that caused a problem? Have a look now.

The ‘Form translation and case study identification’ spreadsheet is to rationalise the form we’ve made in the document. I’m adding all of the questions in the form discussion we had in the ‘ojusomeeting-2017-06-15-form’ document to the sheet named ‘Comprehensive form…’ in the spreadsheet. This is then used as source of the names (if you change this sheet it will feed in to the ‘Simple form…’ and ‘Case study identification’ sheets in that spreadsheet.

If you’re up for editing the Gantt chart, that’s great. You could add the 1.1 Entry name in ‘Case study identification’ at that point too!

Let me know if that makes sense as a workflow.


Thanks Tom. Much clearer.

I am speaking with contacts for case studies over the next few days to pass on the new, finalised case study form and begin the sharing process.

@sergio.oceransky @tom, I’ll be devoting Fridays to Ojuso work from now on as that seems to be when we are meeting most often. It may shift around some weeks- but that is my aim!





So just to clarify I’ve not managed to quite complete the Comprehensive form.

I would hope that the spreadsheet is finished tomorrow.



Hello everyone.

In relation to point 2.3.1 relating to ‘commodities’ extracted for use in the renewable energy economy, I have put together an initial shortlist of minerals and metals to be included in the dropdown menu.

I would appreciate any input on the shortlist we have drawn up, and the methodology I used (included in the doc attached) to draw this together. There is no doubt it could be more rigorous, however, as a starting point it just needs to be fit for purpose in terms of fitting into the form. There will be a free text ‘other’ option for people to add any minerals or metals we have missed, so hopefully this will be okay.

Your thoughts are very welcome.

Mined mineral and metals commodities in the renewable energy economy.docx (54.6 KB)


Hi everyone - important news for the preparation of the test form!

Hal and I have been working on this form today: The current version (updated today) of the Comprehensive form needs to be translated into Spanish. If you have any revisions which you would like to make to the form in its English form, maybe note where you have by commenting on the cell you’ve edited in the ‘Form translation and case study identification’ spreadsheet sheet ‘Comprehensive form (edit and translate)’ (I’ve taken a copy of this spreadsheet as it appears now).

@jazmin @ivet @ximena.montano @rosa.marina @sergio.oceransky - I think now would be a great time to have a look through the spreadsheet. You’ll notice that we have expanded the dropdown sections so @livvy and @admin don’t have to make up the dropdown sections or tick boxes.

Once everyone is happy with this form and the translations, the testing with potential community data providers can happen!



We should be aiming to finish the form as soon as possible. It’s currently holding us back from proceeding with the project.

How close are we to having the English form completed?


I think the form is effectively finished in English. So I it will only be tweaked from now on! We now need the Spanish translations finishing and testing on people for feedback. It depends whether you would like to make the form without the feedback and then tweak afterwards or not. T @livvy @admin


Spanish translations of the form, are ready too.


Hi All,

How has the feedback been going?

Tom :relaxed:

p.s. My phone is a bit broken so I’m available here, on email, Skype, Jitsi, Signal etc.

¡Hola a todxs!

¿Como va con las respuestas sobre el formulario?

Tom :relaxed:

p.s. Mi teléfono no funciona muy bien ahora, entonces pueden contactarme aquí, o por Signal, Jitsi, email, Skype etc.


@millie who is volunteering with us - focusing on translation to French - is translating this form to French. Thus we will have English, Spanish and French. We’re aiming to get the form ready on the actual platform for input by 15th October. Thanks to @livvy for the work she is putting in very intensively over this period.


NB @ximena.montano and @rosa.marina are really looking to do the case in spite of the conditions in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec - there are tremors every day of around 6 (Richter scale).


Veo que @jazmin y puede ser @ximena.montano/@rosa.marina están avanzando en el Google Doc del formulario - muy bién! Ahora estoy hablando con @livvy sobre algunas cositas del desarollo del plataforma. Y tenemos el ‘deadline’ del 15 de octubre para un MVP (producto minimo viable) del plataforma en terminos del formulario etc. Para Marina/Xime/Jazmín/@ivet obviamente si quieren preparar y finalizar sus entradas en español primeramente hasta este fecha del 15 de octubre, después seguimos juntos traduciendo todo de lo que hay al inglés. Si ustedes pueden traducirlos al inglés, puedo checarlos y sugerir cambios?! Tambien, si no estaría posible de preparar los casos teníamos un ‘deadline’ para la preparación de 31 de octubre (antes que llegamos en Bonn).

En: I see that Jazmín and maybe Xime/Marina are getting on (with case studies) in the Google Doc - which is great. Now I am talking with Livvy about some little things to do with the development of the platform. And we (already) have a deadline of 15th October for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the website with the map which can accept data entry through a web-based form on For [case work developers in Mexico] obviously if they want to firstly prepare their cases in Spanish up to this date of 15th October, then we can carry on translating them all into English. If they (Marina/Ximena/Jazmín/Ivet) can translate them in the first instance to English, I can then check them and suggest changes?! Also, if it is not possible to prepare the cases we had a deadline of 31st October for the preparation of case studies (such that they would be ready for Bonn - November).


Estoy un poco preocupado que ahora la majoría de nuestras entradas serán negativas. Si, después cada persona han hecho una entrada negativa, que buscamos para ejemplos positivos (aunque son muy eurocéntricos). Si no, no podemos sugerir que hay alternativas y todo verá un poco apocaliptico…

I’m a bit worried that the majority of our cases will be negative. If, after each person has made a negative entry, that we look for positive examples (even if they are very Eurocentric). If not, we can’t suggest that there are alternatives and everything will look a bit apocalyptic.