Educating ourselves and others about the renewable energy economy



Here people can place links to anything they think might be relevant - in any language. This might include:

  • Academic papers
  • Books
  • Reports
  • Articles
  • Campaigning materials
  • Videos

If you think this information might better be hosted externally on a specific platform, post it here.

One of our longer-term aims thus far defined is to implement decentralised education, outreach and organisational activites. These can be defined later on (maybe discuss here?), but may include:

  • Producing and distributing custom-made reports, summaries and other media (video, audio, etc.) for different audiences.
  • Establishing international working groups and “network hubs” at national/regional level, and a system to match specific needs (e.g. from communities affected by projects, or a research need) with organizations, volunteers, journalists, etc.
  • Implementing and communicating community-based social and environmental due-diligence of projects planned in sensitive areas.
  • A global mass media strategy.
  • Activities to implement the plans of action at network level (on manufacturing, sensitive areas and democratization of the energy transition), and the advocacy strategies on public policies and on the pledge for funders, investors and banks.



Scenarios and technologies

Global energy supply and demand scenarios and outlooks for specific technologies

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Future energy scenarios at different geographical levels

Global future energy scenarios (predictions from agencies and academics for example)

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) International Energy Outlook 2016 (produced almost annually, next in September 2017)

Continental/regional future energy scenarios

National future energy scenarios

e.g. Zero Carbon Britain (Tom has given Paul Allen - who leads this project at the Centre for Alternative Technology - a copy of the ojuso brochure.)

Local/city/sub-national future energy scenarios

State of the technologies (likelihood of prominence)

Energy Storage

Realising Energy Storage Technologies in Low-carbon Energy Systems (RESTLESS)

Solar heating and cooling

International Energy Agency Technology Roadmap for Solar Heating and Cooling (2012)

Worldwide review of solar cooling technologies

Thermal storage

A review of thermal storage technologies and control approaches for solar cooling, 2015

Solar thermal electricity

Solar Thermal Electricity Technology Roadmap (2014) - concentrated solar power.

Hybrid solar thermal and PV

Solar-Thermal and Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Systems for Renewable Heating, Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, 2017

Form to input new cases



Some definitions of Community Wind at the WWEA Community Power Symposium:

n.b. We are defining ‘community renewable energy’ using the WWEA Community Power definition.


A recent special section on energy transitions just published in Nature:


Zero Waste Europe’s resources could help us to discuss the nuances of the various bioenergy fuel streams and very different outcomes of different technological choices for different waste management used in the production of energy vectors (usable/transferable energy carriers which can be easily converted into multiple forms of energy, e.g. electricity, hydrogen, biofuels of different types):

The organisation has been working a lot on the circular economy policy of the European Union. They are also working on redesigning specific products to reduce embodied energy etc. They have some useful discussin about the often false solution of waste-to-energy power stations.


Hello I am new to this site so thank you for letting me in. There is some really interesting stuff here. Here is an academic paper I wrote over a year ago on supply chains and local content in South Africa’s renewable energy sector. If you can’t download it please feel free to email me and I can send you the


Also, would you be able to send me a copy of the Ojuso brochure?

Best wishes