About the Renewable Energy Economy category


This category will help to educate ourselves and the wider public about the renewable energy economy.

Using this information this we will iteratively develop and publish guidelines, resources and alternatives for communities threatened by top-down renewable energy projects, based on actual examples and peer-to-peer learning.

We will identify gaps in information and research. We will develop a proposal for ongoing research and knowledge sharing, to be implemented through partnerships with progressive academia and research organizations.

We are collaboratively developing plans of action at network level to address challenges related to: (1) social, environmental and labor issues in renewable energy equipment manufacturing and deployment; (2) project development in sensitive contexts (indigenous and other vulnerable communities, fragile ecosystems, etc.); (3) decentralization and democratization of the transition to renewable energy, including issues related to financing, ownership and control.

On that basis, we would like to produce public policy recommendations and advocacy strategies at national and multilateral level (including multilateral development banks, development agencies, etc.)

What might those pledges be, what are positive and negative externalities in the global and local renewable energy economies.